The tools for woodcrafting are older than musical notes.  Ancient formulas have been handed down by craftsmen who were woodsmithing before the onset of recorded time.  Using the building blocks of history, Sean Selby seeks new forms for the contemporary age.  Employing both handtools and modern machinery, Sean uses the most appropriate means available to construct quality furniture and architectural additions.  For each new project, he seeks the materials that will inspire and endure.  Local and reclaimed woods are employed whenever possible, though tropical and exotic woods are appreciated for a variety of specific purposes.  In Sean Selby's workshop, the life of the tree is always respected. The will of the material is never disputed.  Character is revealed through fine craftsmanship and the tree is reborn in its up-most usefulness and beauty.

Influences include Sam Maloof, Arthur Espenet Carpenter, and George Nakashima.